Novas Regras para Compras Internacionais de Até 50 Dólares: O que Você Precisa Saber

New Rules for International Purchases Up to 50 Dollars: What You Need to Know

Hey, electronics and gamers! Check out the hot news: the Ministry of Finance released a statement about the taxation of international purchases of up to 50 dollars. Let's understand what's going on?

The Remessa Conformal Program First, let me explain to you what the Remessa Conformal Program is. It is a kind of customs expediter for e-commerce companies. Basically, companies that participate in this scheme are forced to charge taxes at the time of purchase, instead of waiting for the product to arrive in Brazil. The purpose of this is to facilitate the collection of taxes on imported products. But look, joining this program is optional.

Era of 50 Dollars Until August 2023, people who shopped online abroad could be happy with purchases of up to 50 dollars, which were tax-free. It was just for fun, right? 😎

The Turnaround Then the government decided to change the game. On August 10, 2023, the National Council for Financial Policy (Confaz) made a decision that took many people by surprise. Online purchases from companies to end consumers, like you, will now be taxed at 17% ICMS. And then, the final rate for consumers goes to 34%.

Individual to Individual The good news is that purchases from individual to individual remain tax-free, like that cool game you bought from another player in the United States, for example.

Change in Attempt to Increase Revenue This turnaround in the fiscal scenario came with the intention of giving a helping hand to the government's pocket, raising a little extra money – around 150 billion reais. This is because the government was anticipating a huge loss of money, around 37 billion reais, if it maintained the exemption on purchases of up to 50 dollars.

Summarizing Everything Now the rule is clear: only what comes from an individual to an individual is exempt from tax. Business-to-consumer purchases, regardless of the value, will pay tax.

And that's it, gamers and electronics lovers! Stay tuned for the new rules and don't forget to follow Remessa Online on social media to stay up to date with the latest news. See us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!

Comment what you think of this change and see you next time! 🎮💥

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