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Our Hardware Consultancy is specially designed to help you build the perfect computer for your specific needs. We understand that choosing the right parts can be a complex and challenging process, which is why we created this platform to make your experience as easy and personalized as possible.

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  • Select your preferences: On our website, you will find an intuitive mechanism that will allow you to filter computer parts based on the amounts you want to spend on the purchase and the scenario in which you will use the computer. You will be able to choose between options like gamer, heavy work (like 3D design and rendering) or even scenarios that involve intensive mathematical calculations.

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  • Pre-assembled options: Thinking about practicality and agility, we also offer pre-assembled computer models. These templates have already been carefully selected by our experts to meet the needs of different user profiles. If you prefer, you can choose one of these models, which already come with the ideal settings for each type of use.



  • Customization: If you want a more personalized computer, our platform will allow you to make adjustments to pre-assembled configurations or create a completely custom configuration by selecting each piece individually. Our filtering engine will ensure that your choices are within your budget and in line with your needs.

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  • Expert Guidance: Our team of hardware experts are on hand to provide guidance and support throughout the computer build process. If you have questions about part compatibility, performance, or any other related issue, we're ready to help.

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  • Quality assurance: At TaskRevolution, we value the quality and performance of the products offered. All selected parts and pre-assembled models undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure customer satisfaction.