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Death Note Ryuk T-Shirt

Death Note Ryuk T-Shirt

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The Death Note Ryuk T-Shirt is an ode to the Shinigami's enigmatic and captivating presence in the famous series. Made with premium 100% cotton, 30 combed thread, this piece offers not only style, but also unparalleled comfort and durability.


  • Material: High quality mesh, 100% cotton, 30 combed yarn.
  • Intriguing Print: Features unique art by Ryuk, capturing the essence of the Death Note character.
  • Exceptional Durability: Ensures that colors remain sharp even after multiple washes, guaranteeing longevity to the piece.
  • Unparalleled Comfort: Cotton mesh provides a soft, cool feel, maintaining comfort throughout use.

Express your affinity for the supernatural world of Death Note with the Ryuk T-Shirt. Dress with personality, standing out with this piece that pays tribute to one of the most iconic characters in the anime universe.

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