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Phone XT81

Phone XT81

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Introducing Lenovo ThinkPlus Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Immerse yourself in an Out-of-this-World Sound Experience! 🎧


  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.3 (Stable and advanced connection!)
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue-violet (Gamer style highlighted!)
  • Charging Compartment Capacity: 250mAh (Durability for hours of entertainment!)
  • Headphone Usage Time: Approximately 4 hours (Games and series without interruptions!)
  • Transmission Distance: 10 meters (Full freedom of movement!)
  • Audio Decoding: AAC/SBC (Superior sound quality!)
  • Headphone Capacity: 30mAh * 2 (Powerful sound without sacrificing battery!)
  • Total Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours (Extended fun sessions!)

Important Instructions:

  • Storage: Avoid storing headphones with sticky gum!
  • Children: Keep headphones out of reach of children, unless they are master DJs!
  • TWS Smart Pairing: Pairing happens automatically, whether it's love at first sight or automatic flirting!

With Lenovo ThinkPlus Bluetooth Headphones, your entertainment experience will reach a new level! Get ready for exceptional sound immersion in your games, series and adventures.

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