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Corona Fan Kit 5-1

Corona Fan Kit 5-1

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Introducing the FRGB PCCOOLER 5 in 1 Fan Kit! 🌀

🎮 Ideal for gaming desktops and cabinets, with freely programmable color shift design and efficient heat dissipation.

💡 Support for 16.8 million FRGB programmable colors, enabling immersive lighting effects.

🚀 Sync options with RGB (+12V/4pin) and FRGB (+5V/3pin) motherboards - choose the right adapter and easily connect to the motherboard via the control box.

🔌 Included RGB Hub: The Hub is essential to manage the light effects of the fans simultaneously, providing a synchronized and personalized experience.

⚙️ Specifications:

  • Voltage: 8-13.2V
  • Current: 0.22-0.28A
  • Speed: 1000-1800rpm
  • Noise: max. 30.5dBA
  • Air volume: max. 78CFM
  • Bearing: Hydraulic Shaft
  • Connection: 5V/3pin & 4pin/PWM
  • Packing List: 5 x 120mm Fans, Screwdrivers, RGB Hub, Wireless Controller and more.
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