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Data Frog

S80 Control (Multi-Platform)

S80 Control (Multi-Platform)

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🕹️ Get into the game with the Data Frog S80 Controller and take your gaming experience to another level! Designed for maximum performance, this controller is perfect for Nintendo Switch players looking for unparalleled gameplay.

🔥 Programmable Function for Nintendo Switch: The S80 Controller has 2 rear programming buttons, with two modes available: single programming or multiple programming. In M1/M2 mode, you will have access to A+B+Y+L+ZL+R+ZR+D-pad , allowing for more comfortable and centered operations with other fingers. Programmable buttons help minimize excessive button use and analog clicks, ensuring long-lasting durability even under heavy use. (Not compatible with amiibo)

🚀 Ergonomic Design & Turbo Function: The Data Frog S80 Controller offers absolute comfort for long gaming sessions, thanks to its ergonomic and non-slip design. The Turbo function, with 3 adjustable speeds, allows quick and precise commands to achieve victory in any match.

🎉 Vibration & Gyro Sensor: Feel the action come to life with the controller's high-precision vibration. The 6-axis gyro sensor provides an immersive experience in games that use movement, taking fun to another level.

💡 Screen Capture & High-Performance Battery: The Pro Switch Controller has a continuous screen capture function, making your games even more fun. Furthermore, its 1000 mAh rechargeable battery offers high power capacity and can be fully charged in just 2-3 hours. With a duration of 15-18 hours, you can enjoy your games for much longer without interruptions.

(Tip: The left analog stick has been improved, buy with confidence!)

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