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Tokyo Revengers Mikey T-Shirt

Tokyo Revengers Mikey T-Shirt

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Be part of the gang and show off your style with the Tokyo Revengers Mikey T-Shirt. This unique piece is designed for fans of the series, offering not only a modern look but also the exceptional comfort of 100% cotton, 30 combed thread.


  • Material: High quality mesh, 100% cotton, 30 combed yarn.
  • Incredible Durability: Designed to withstand constant use, ensuring colors remain vibrant and the fabric maintains its integrity.
  • Authentic Print: The design features Mikey, one of Tokyo Revengers' most iconic characters, with stunning details and captivating colors.
  • Unrivaled Comfort: Cotton knit feels soft and cool, providing all-day comfort.

Show your rebellious spirit and connect with the exciting universe of Tokyo Revengers. Wear the Mikey T-Shirt with pride and make a style statement that reflects your passion for the series.

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