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steamdeck dock

steamdeck dock

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Six Doors Expansion - Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Introducing the Six-Port Expansion, a versatile device that expands your gaming and digital entertainment options.


  • Versatile Connections: With six ports, the Six Port Expansion lets you connect devices, expand possibilities, and charge equipment.

  • Play without Interruptions: Maintain gameplay while charging devices, avoiding pauses.

  • Powerful Power Support: Supports up to 100W PD power input and also acts as a support device.

  • RGB Light Effect: Add style with colorful lighting, enhancing the gaming atmosphere.

  • 4K TV Connection: Connect the Steam Deck to a big screen TV for an immersive 4K viewing experience.

  • Gigabit Network for Stability: Fast and stable connection for smooth gameplay.

  • Simplified Connection of Peripherals: Support for reading and writing in three ports, facilitating the connection of devices such as mouse and keyboard.

  • Efficiency with Special Chip: Six independent interfaces for better performance.


  • Accessories Type: Adapter
  • Compatibility: Steam
  • Brand: Aolion
  • Origin: China (CN)
  • Model: Steam Deck

The Six Port Expansion enhances your gaming and entertainment experience with versatile and intelligent connections.

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