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Lian Li O11 Vision Mid-Tower Case (Black)

Lian Li O11 Vision Mid-Tower Case (Black)

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Overview: The Lian Li O11 Vision Gamer Case is a masterpiece in design and functionality. With three sides of column-free glass panels, it provides an unobstructed view of internal components, allowing you to showcase your setup in style. Its enhanced modularity, support for multiple radiators, and excellent cable management make it an ideal choice for PC enthusiasts.


  • Columnless Design: Three sides of column-free glass panels provide the best view of the system.
  • Enhanced Modularity: Tool-free fan brackets and modular design panels ensure user-friendly installation.
  • Advanced Cooling Support: Supports up to 2 × 360 mm + 1 × 240 mm radiators and a maximum of 8 fans (11 with push-pull configuration).
  • Excellent Air Intake: 27mm tall feet and hollow bottom design increase cold air intake.
  • Dual Chamber Layout: Cable management compartment and cable holders for easy organization.
  • PSU Support: One PSU can be installed.
  • Categories: Cases, Medium box.
  • Tags: Aluminum case, dual chamber chassis, E-ATX, RGB, tempered glass, liquid cooling.


  • Collaboration with PCMR: Developed in collaboration with the PC enthusiast community (PC Master Race), the O11 Vision is designed to meet the demands of the most demanding builders.
  • Unobstructed Display: With three sides of tempered glass panels, you can showcase your setup impressively.
  • Balance between Aesthetics and Performance: Elegant design does not compromise cooling capabilities, ensuring incredible aesthetics and efficient thermal control.

Configuration Recommendation:

  • Side entry with 360 mm push-pull radiator and 6 120 mm fans.
  • Rear exhaust with 1 120 mm fan.
  • Bottom intake with 3 fans or 140 mm radiator.

Additional Facilities:

  • Seamless Construction: Modular brackets and panels simplify the assembly process.
  • Reversible Fan Support: Internal and external configuration options to optimize airflow.
  • Convenient Access: Strategically placed front I/O ports for easy access.

Conclusion: The Lian Li O11 Vision Gaming Case not only offers stunning looks but is also highly functional. If you're looking for a case that combines style and performance, the O11 Vision is an exceptional choice.

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