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Bungee MB-RGB1

Bungee MB-RGB1

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An item specially designed for e-sports professionals and competitive gamers. With the detachable hook for your mouse cord, this bungee prevents tangles and drag, giving you a smoother mouse movement experience. Its unique "spider" design blends perfectly with the aesthetics of your gaming setup.

Made of high-strength and environment-friendly ABS + PC plastic material, this product is durable and provides years of reliable use. In addition, KIWIFOTOS MB-RGB1 has a built-in USB Hub, which allows you to transfer data or connect devices such as a keyboard, mouse and pen drives, keeping your cables organized and freeing up space on the table.

To add a touch of style to your setup, this Mouse Bungee comes with RGB LED lighting, creating an amazing gaming atmosphere. Supporting multiple lighting modes such as tri-color, multi-color flow, breathing, and static lighting, you can customize the aesthetic to your liking.

The silicone pads located on the "four spider feet" ensure grip and protect your table from scratches, providing stability and preventing tilting. Furthermore, its iron-built design with decent weight adds even more stability to the set.

For greater convenience, the KIWIFOTOS MB-RGB1 Mouse Bungee comes with a 1.5 meter long Type-C cable, making charging more practical and efficient. Enjoy an optimized and uncluttered gaming experience with this incredible high-performance accessory. Elevate your performance and dominate the battlefield with the KIWIFOTOS MB-RGB1 Mouse Bungee! 🕷️🚀

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